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share what you find
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i, [[[provoke_it]]] created this shit. JOINN

just join and post art that you would like to. you may share art that you find, you may share your own art.

crafts, paintings, drawings, sculptures, clothing, dolls, graphics, photos, anything.

be wise, be kind, i dont need to spell it all out for you.

this is a place to share art, nudity is of course allowed, and although we all enjoy the hilarity of porn and fetishes, please, nothing too explicit that defeats the purpose of this community. post crap elsewhere.

respect these guidelines or else youll be booted off.

ive decided to try to get this going and see how it goes because im sick of art communities being so blehhh. how do artists create such crappy sights??? call me a perfectionist, but oh well.

and please use lj-cuts for any more than two pictures.

post often, promote.

nouveau...not sure

wifredo lam

wifredo lam

diane arbus

alessandro bavari

david mendelsohn

david mendelsohn



keith carter ::exposure due to see_my_glock

anthony gormley :: again, see_my_glock